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This course will serve as an introduction to contemporary remix practices, and how these practices complicate our notions of creativity, originality and intellectual property. Copying has always been [a] key to cultural production. Over the last couple of centuries, “the interdependence of our creativity has been obscured by powerful cultural ideas, but technology is now exposing this connectedness. [Today] we’re struggling legally, ethically and artistically to deal with these implications.” [Kirby Ferguson]

Students will come away well-versed in the techniques and tricks used in plundering and remixing works, while establishing a research-based historical/theoretical context for their practice. Topics surveyed include authorship, originality, piracy, remix, copyright, appropriation, décollage, sampling, plunderphonics, détournement, plagiarism, versioning, sharing, gift economies and participatory cultures. Artists, activists and theorists surveyed include Lawrence Lessig, Larisa Mann, Negativland, DJ Spooky, William Burroughs, the Pirate Bay, Barbie Liberation Organization, Sven König, 0-Day Art, the Situationists, Girl Talk, Oliver Laric, Cory Doctorow, Nicolas Bourriaud and Elisa Kreisinger.
Introductions && Calibrations
Janurary 28
read: Creation Myth by Malcolm Gladwell
exercise: master work part I
Creation Myth: Copying + Creativity
Feburary 4
read: Automate This, the Bot Top 40 by Christopher Steiner
exercise: master work part II
Copyright historie[s]: Gutenburg > Gates
Feburary 11
read: What do we want copyright to do by Cory Doctorow
watch: When Copyright Goes Bad by Ben Cato Clough and Luke Upchurch
respond: rewrite copyright
Remix historie[s]: Musique Concrete > Hip Hop
Feburary 18
exercise: finish musique concrete + mashup exercise
watch: Copyright Criminals
Piracy Politix: the Situationists
Feburary 25
exercise: finish détournement exercise
Piracy Politix: Sonic Outlaws 80s > present
March 5
exercise: work on tactical media exercise
Memes, Remix Culture && digital folk art
March 11
exercise: finish tactical media exercise
read: from Media Piracy in Emerging Economies
Media Piracy in Emerging Economies
March 18
read: the Introduction and also "Deejaying and Contemporary Art" from Post-production by Nicolas Bourriaud
Post-Production Art
March 25
final: prepare your statement for your one-on-one meeting
one-on-one meetings
April 1
final: prepare class presentation, continue your research and begin preparring your attribution torrent archive
Concept Presentations
April 8
read: Why History Needs Software Piracy by Benj Edwards
History Needs Piracy
April 15
final: purchase your domain name and online hosting
Documentation on the Web
April 22
final: submit your torrent archive
Open Studio
April 29
final: download and share your peers torrent archives
Final Critiques
May 6