Piratical Practices
Appropriation, Remix, Collage
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This site is the online home for the offline course Piratical Practices: Appropriation, Remix, Collage. This course will serve as an introduction to contemporary remix practices. Remix is about transformation, responding to the media by learning how to copy, cut, collage, and communicate your own message. Students will learn how to break down the mechanics of the media in order to re-cut and re-interpret television, movies, photos, music, books, websites, objects and video games. Students will come away well-versed in the techniques and tricks used in remix works, including ripping videos, sampling audio, photo montage, text cut-ups, curling data from the web and hacking video games. In addition, we will discuss how to distribute these works while navigating the inherent legal issues. Students will look at examples of contemporary remix artists such as Negativeland, DJ Spooky, William Burroughs, Sherrie Levine, Billboard Liberation Front, Girl Talk, Oliver Laric, and Elisa Kreisinger and read contemporary criticism by writers such as Lawrence Lessig, Corey Doctorow, Nicholas Bourriaud and others. Topics surveyed include copyright, piracy, appropriation, authorship, gift economies and participatory cultures.

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