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Research Studio II CP 1022-018 (514)
We 9am - 4pm : Sharp 1214
Office Hours: by appointment only
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syllabus (pdf version)
In Praise of Copying (chapter 1: What is a Copy?)
Marcus Boon

Creation Myth: Xerox PARC, Apple, and the truth about innovation
Malcolm Gladwell

What do we want copyright to do?
Cory Doctorow

History of Copyright
Rick Falkvinge

A General History of the Pirates
Adrian Johns

A User’s Guide to Détournement
Guy Debord

John Oswald

Compilation Nation
Tom McCormack

The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
Walter Benjamin

Convergence Culture (the introduction)
Henry Jenkins

Nicolas Bourriaud

Recycle It
Ed Halter

Remix and Remixability
Lev Manovich

lists, boards, friends + feeds (PART V)

Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy (Part II: Economies)
Lawrence Lessig

The Wealth of Networks (chapter 2: Some Basic Economics of Information Production and Innovation)
Yochai Benkler

Free Software, Free Society
Richard Stallman

Why History Needs Software Piracy
Benj Edwards

How science is shackled by intellectual property
John Sulston

The Ecstasy of Influence
Jonathan Lethem