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Research Studio II CP 1022-005 (713)
We 9am - 4pm : Sharp 1215
Office Hours: by appointment only
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syllabus (pdf version)
I. class exercises: Students are required to complete all the ‘exercise’ projects as they’re assigned. If not completed in class these exercises become homework. Exercises are considered complete when links are submitted to the site.

II. readings && responses: Students are required to complete all of the assigned readings and be prepared to discuss them in class. Students will be required to write responses (approx. 300-500 words) directly responding to the focus questions that accompany each reading assignment. These responses need to be emailed to me before the following class ( ie. before midnight on Tuesday ) or are otherwise considered incomplete.

III. participation: Students are expected to be present, attentive and inquisitive during class lectures, participate in all workshops. Students need to be prepared to participate in class discussions ( a prerequisite for which is having completed that week’s readings and exercises ). Students are allowed to use laptops, tablets and other devices for purposes that directly relate to the class, otherwise surfing the web is by definition NOT paying attention.

IV. proposal + final project: Students are required to complete a final project in three phases. The first phase (the proposal) will be due on April 8th. Students are required to submit a 1 page project proposal as well as give a brief (10min) presentation to the class presenting their concept, references and motivations. A rough draft of the proposal is due before the “one-on-one” meetings on April 1. In the second phase, due April 19th, students will submit and share their research archives in the form of a torrent. The third and last phase (the completed project) will be due on the last day of class (May 6). Students are required to present their piece (with the completed online documentation page) in participation with the final class critiques.


If a student misses MORE than three classes, whether or not for a reasonable cause, s/he will fail the class, if s/he does not withdraw from the class prior to the deadline for withdrawal with a grade of "W." Deadline for withdrawal: March 27, 2013. If a student attends FEWER than three classes his/her financial aid, merit scholarship, academic standing, and/or immigration status will be compromised, regardless of an individual faculty member’s modifications of these recommendations.

Reasonable cause to miss a class might include:
  • Illness or hospitalization (the student should contact Health Services, who will relay information to the faculty in whose class the student is enrolled. To contact Health Services, call 312.499.4288. Regular Health Services hours are 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.)
  • Observation of a religious holiday
  • Family illness or death